Why Mfer Club ?


Every mfer is unique and randomly generated as they each have collected different items throughout their adventures such as hats, accessories, clothes and more!

Note: some mfer are more rare than others

The MFER CLUB ticket

 gives you access to the Mfer Club. As a Mfer Club member you can profit from all new information and updates. You also get discounted mint price to new collections and free raffles.

Mfer Club Tickets

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Most frequent questions and answers

Mfers by sartoshi inspired us for the Mfer Club. But we want to build a community and grow with the project:

With a Mfer Club Ticket you own a lifetime membership. This brings you the following advantages:

  • The chance to get a whitelist spot (Free or discounted mint)
  • You can mint 3 days before the public sale
  • Take part in raffles on our discord-server
  • Decide the future with us

We have decided to launch the Mfer Club Ticket without a whitelist.

Mint price is 0.8 Solana ( ≈ 25 USD August 30, 2022)

When we are ready, there will be a “Mfer Club Ticket mint” button that will redirect you to our minting portal!

Welcome to the Mfer Club!

Come to our discord server and verify yourself with your Mfer Club ticket.

See you there

We would like to give free rein to our creativity. So far we can already say, this year you can expect the Mfer Club Football edition.

2023 will be a crazy year. This is what you can expect:

  • We would like to launch our merchshop
  • Breathtaking deepdive adventure
  • Most of all we are looking forward to a collaboration with an artist to paint mfer in oil colors. The fusion of physical art to digital art.

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